About Us

Our Story

The Etta Lloyd Walker Foundation was founded in honor of Mrs. Etta Jane Lloyd Walker, a remarkable woman whose entire life was dedicated to saving the lives of young girls and boys in adverse situations through protection, education, mentorship, and love. Etta recently celebrated her 94th birthday, and gave her blessings for her grand niece, Stefanie Carey, to continue her work. Stefanie now carries the same torch of love and compassion, and by creating ELWF, made sure her family’s work became a living legacy for future generations to benefit from.


To Empower underserved youth by transforming their reality through challenging the way they think and solve problems, ultimately shifting their mindsets to inspire an attitude of excellence.


Our vision is to deliver those we serve with the value of knowledge and self-worth through accredited access to education, impactful mentorship, and developmental training programs. We believe that we are all equal, and no one deserves to be treated as less or left behind. If basic essentials such as housing and nutrition are part of the problem, we make sure these are met before anything else.

Our Commitment to Serve

Stefanie Yeatee Buttner Carey

Like her grand aunt, Stefanie Carey grew up in an environment that was darkened by corruption and tainted by civil wars, where especially women and children were – and still are – marginalized, disadvantaged, and exploited in various ways. Deeply inspired by the work and service of her grand aunt and being a victim of a 14-year civil war, Stefanie has been moved to carry on her grand aunt’s tradition of compassion.

Additionally, Stefanie generally finds great joy and fulfillment in helping others who are less fortunate by lifting them up and out of difficult situations – and has dedicated her life to doing so. Through her passion and dedication, she has helped change the lives of many young people in Liberia who were either teenage mothers, rape victims, or a child seeking support.

After moving to the United States to complete her Masters Degree, Stefanie created a 501c3 non-profit organization under the same name, so that her work can continue to be supported in Liberia, with the ultimate goal of expanding her services to assist and support disadvantaged youth here in the United States as well.