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How it all began...

Etta Lloyd Walker Foundation was founded in honor of Mrs. Etta Jane Lloyd Walker, whose life  passion has been dedicated to saving the lives of young girls and boys through education, mentorship, and love.

Known as the “Mother of the Community” in her hometown Kakata, Margibi county, Etta Jane Lloyd Walker helped – even took into her home – young people in the surrounding area who were in need and distress, such as pregnant teens, rape victims or children who were victims of domestic abuse.

These acts of compassion inspired the creation of a non-profit organization named after her, the Etta Lloyd Walker Foundation which has as its goal to provide services that make a tangible, long-term difference in young people’s lives. Whether providing basic essentials such as food, clothes and medicines, providing mentorship to at-risk youth, helping young single mothers overcome obstacles to financial independence or setting up scholarship funds for children, ELWF has as its goal to provide help that makes a tangible, long-term difference in young people’s lives.

Our Programs

All of our programs are designed to empower underserved adolescents and young adults. who are facing adversity.

The Bright Way Mentorship Program

The Bright Way Mentorship Program supports at-risk youth by boosting their self-esteem and changing their mindset so they have a more hopeful, positive approach to their life and their future.

Train to Empower Development Program

Train To Empower Development Program offers vocational training programs such as agriculture, culinary training and tailoring, which also foster social and developmental skills

TLC Emergency Resource Connect

TLC Emergency Resource Connect was created to make a network of resources and support available in order to meet the basic needs.

The Etta Lloyd Walker Foundation Scholarship

Our ELWF Scholarship provides scholarships for children in Kindergarten through 12th grades, making it possible for them to get an education.

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